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  Oh yes, LN_Cello...I've known about the erhu for a while. It's a beautiful instrument to be sure and can double as a violin or cello any day! (It's certainly a lot more sophisticated than the didgeridoo).
There is an erhu player who plays with a pirate band based out of Washington state: they are Pirates R Us, with their album "Songs of Modern Piracy".
I will definately add the erhu to my list of the instruments I'd love to hear with the cello, just 'cause I think it would be fun to try to discern one instrument from the other. (Of course the smaller erhu would have to be playing in the same octave as the larger cello for this particular game to work).

Now the erhu player I saw featured on Von Cello's you-tube link....I'd like to add her to a different list entirely.

You know, I wouldn't mind dating an Asian woman...Eastern cultures are extraordinarily vibrant, enlightening and beautiful. The musical traditions are supurb and the food.....oh God, the food! Just think, If I had an Asian girlfriend maybe I'd get to eat free from Chinese restaurants....the few GOOD ones we have up here in Vermont.("The Single Pebble" being one of them if you ever find yourself in Burlington, Vermont looking for dinner somewhere). On another point: Call me old-fashioned, but I am a bit turned off by China's and Japan's yen for technology.
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Eintrag from 03.04.2008
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