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Submitted for your Aproval
  The 10 Instruments I would like to hear played with the cello:

1. Mouthbow
2. Jaw Harp
3. Didgeridoo
4. Bagpipes (especially some of the wierd, non-Scottish or Irish ones)
5. Accordion (Not just for polka or Weird Al anymore)!
6. Tuba
7. Conch shell (hey, if you can use one to "hear the ocean", why shouldn't you be able to hear a concerto as well)?
8. Thumb piano
9. Slide whistle (just bought one of these today...pretty cheap and I figure a percussionist's gotta have at least one in his collection).

And finally, the instrument that, as Rodney Dangerfield said "get's no respect", but should be on here because of it's African origins:

10. The kazoo.....yeah, it was originally an African foolin'. The box that my metal Toysmith kazoo came in has this to say about the instrument's history:

The kazoo belongs to the family of instruments known as "mirlitons". This type of instrument is characterized by having a vibrating membrane. It is believed that the kazoo's relative is the African version of a mirliton: the horn-mirliton. The materials used to make the horn mirliton were of a more primitive nature. The tube was made out of the horn of a cow and the membrane was made from egg-shells of spiders".

There you have it! The 10 instruments I think deserve their rightful place beside the throne of the mighty cello. Too long have these instruments been neglected here in the U.S. in favor of the more popular and ordinary guitar, electric bass, rock drum set, keyboards, and saxophone. Well no more! Thier time is now! Shall a "Von Didgeridoo", "Grateful Tuba" or a "Wolfgang Amadeus Jawharp" arise from the ashes and fight for his weird-instrument-playing-people?

All that aside, I will say I am glad I shelled out 5 bucks for my metal kazoo instead of reaching into a web-ridden, spider's lair to get the membrane materials required to make a mirliton myself. The very thought frankly gives me the willies.
I shall now list some happy thoughts so as not to go to bed prone to nightmares:

flowers, birds, ice cream, sunny days on Lake Champlain, my interview with Von Cello, all the other interviews I've done on my show, me cracking up on the air while co-hosting with The Hurricane on "Krunch Time" (WWPV 88.7-FM WED. 8-10pm, E.S.T, my mom's ham dinners on Christmas and Easter, snowshoeing with my father this past Christmas.....AHHHHHH. That's better. Goood night all.
  Author: eaburke81
Eintrag from 01.04.2008
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