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  When I was in college we had a sight singing teacher who looked and sounded like W.C. Fields. One day he was singing a melody using the sound, "Ta". When he hit a wrong note he said, "Ta hoooo!" Well, after that the word "Tahoo" became a constant refrain among my friends. It can be used when you make a mistake, or when something stupid happens, or just as a way to mark time. I bring it up now because all of this religion talk has probably gone overboard for the sake of this guestbook. So, Tahooooooo!

As many of you know, aside from finishing up a CD and a music book this year, I am also finishing up a book about religion, so I guess this topic is on my mind. I'm also practicing talking about it in preparation for radio interviews that I expect will follow the publication. I know most people come here for music so I hope this tangent isn't too overwhelming. Anyway, I thank you for your indulgence. Between these three projects its been a busy and exciting year, and it promises to get even more so as these projects come on line later in the year. There are also other projects that are in the works. I am very happy to be able to bring about so many creative ventures at this time in my life. But tonight I took a little breather and just listened to the wind blowing through the trees. It was relaxing.

Relaxation is good.

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 31.03.2008
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