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  Von Cello wrote: "His blood will be on your hands." So what I was saying is that Pilate, as I have read about him historically was a mass murdering dictator who killed Jews by the hundreds of thousands. In fact, the Romans killed over a million Jews. The Talmud says the streets were literally running with blood. So what is the difference between that and the Holocaust?

Oh, allright. I see your point. Though a definition of the term "holocaust" might be useful here. Of course the Romans hated the Jews just as much as the Nazis did, and they were just as obsessed with world domination. But I was talking about Pilate and Hitler the individuals, not about pilate and hitler as representations of the mentalities of their respective armies.

And only frame of refference here is the New Testament so I am a biased "nice christian boy" to say the least.

But switiching to music a little bit...found some intresting stuff on you tube the other day. Type in "homemade instruments" and you'll get some great videos. I've been make a few homemade instruments as well....though my technical skills are lacking a bit. I recently made a small, primitive mouthbow out of a rubber band and a peice from an office computer stand I found in the dumpster. I strike the band with a chopstick and my mouth acts as an apmplifyer - amplyfying not only the single note of the stretched rubber band, but all the overtones that go with it. The mouthbow is the great grandfather of the jaw harp, sometimes called "the stringed jaw harp". It's a pretty cool instrument, and one I officially add to the list of intruments I'd like to hear with the cello...a list I didn't even know I was writing.
  Author: eaburke81
Eintrag from 31.03.2008
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