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  Bingo. That is the problem. I once heard a rabbi say that the Christians say they love us, but it is not a true love. A true love is when you love someone for who they are, not who you want them to be. Now, of course, you can't lump all Christians into one category, but in general, the Christian concept is that you are not a truly good person unless you believe in Jesus, and that means becoming a Christian. So the Christian says, "I love you...if you join our group. If you don't join our group, I will continue to say I love you, but my love will be more like pity, because I believe you are destined for hell."

The Muslim says a similar thing, except that the more militant section says, "I don't love you. In fact, I hate you. But if you join our group then I will love you. But if not, I will kill you." Of course not every Muslim thinks this way either.

But the Jew loves everyone and it has nothing to do with joining the Jewish group. The story of Job is the perfect representation of this. Job is told by God to go to Nineva, NOT to get the people to convert to Judaism, but to REPENT! In other words, God only wants people to be good to each other, no matter what they believe. Yet the Christians and Muslims turned this loving trait and turned it into a negative. They say, "The Jews don't want us to become Jews. They think they are better than us. So we'll show 'em. We'll create religions that say that they have to join with US or they will go to hell."

This creates a real problem and leads to the anti-Semitism we see all over the globe. But the funny thing is, the Torah predicts all of this. So the more the Christians and Muslims tell the Jews they are going to go to hell, the more the Jews believe in the Torah! It's an amazing situation. Hopefully one day, the non-Jews will realize this and stop telling Jews they have to convert or go to hell. But until then, we all pray to our different "gods" and hope for the best.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 31.03.2008
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