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Allright, here goes something.....
  Von Cello Wrote:

"From what we know about Pilate he was like a Saddam Hussein. He was in evil, murdering, dictator with no sympathy at all for a Jew. No more than we would expect from a Hitler. Yet here a perfectly nice Christian boy is taught that NO, Pilate was a good guy! As the poster wrote, "So, it was the Jews who pressured Pontius Pilate into giving the order to Have Jesus whipped and then hung on the cross. But in Pilate we see a man who pities Jesus, and takes to heart Jesus' words of the "Kingdom which is not of this world" (AKA Heaven)." Just replace the word Pilate with Hitler and you will see how sick this is"!

I have not posted on the guestbook for awhile, and yes, Aaron, it was an "eyewhole" when I first logged on. I'm afraid I'm one of those people who finds it easier to comment on less info then to have a million facts hit him all at once. So I will take one point from the long string of ideas we have here and see what I can do whith it.

In your paragraph above you relate Pontias Pilate to Hitler. I don't know whether I am that "nice Christian boy" you were reffering too, but I have never, in all my years of attending mass, heard any other account of Pilate's life besides the Passion naratives. Where did you read that Pilate was a ruthless, anti-semitic dictator becuase I would like to read that book. (Yeah....I know I've never been one for research much, but Pilate is a fascinating character and one of my favorites......this is not to say that I'm "Playing favorites" here. I have no malice towards the Jews in the Passion narratives). But I digress....

To liken Pilate to Hitler is to liken a vegan to a deer hunter....they're two comepletely different chracters. I don't believe Hitler felt any shame for what he was doing, or felt even an ounce of compassion for the victims of the gas chambers, whereas Pilate did show a glimpse of compassion and faith, for a moment, I belive he was the model of what every good political leader should be. Sadly, though, pride got the better of him. This is not to say that I don't believe that Pilate was a ruthless dictator...he probably had Jewish, African, and Asian slaves by the dozens - people from all over the Roman Empire.
Pilate probably was ruthless, an dpower corrupts; just look at our current president. But to relate a man who (for a moment) believed that the Son of God was who he said he was, to a man who centuries later wanted to obliterate a whole race of people just seems pointless. Pilate was a tragic hero becuase he saw something special in the tormented Christ, yet he did not realize that he would have hurt Jesus and his purpose by releasing him from the bonds of crucifixion. Hitler was a TRAGIC FIGURE because he showed no signs of remorse fopr what he did. I hope I've done my best to differentiate between a tragic hero and a tragic figure here.

Now this "nice Chrisitian boy" is just relieved that he did not misspell "Pilate" as "Pirate"...not even once.
And remember, "International Talk Like A Pirate Day" is every September 19th. So on that day ye best be talkin' like pirates or I'll throw ye all down in the galley with the rest o' the stinkin' bilge rats. Yarrrr, where's me rum? I be dyin o' thirst?
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Eintrag from 31.03.2008
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