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thin line
  i must say that each religion is in a quagmeyerit must teach that it is correct thus the others are wrong yet it mustnt in modern days teach hate or disrespect nor pity the blind

judiaism is great at this. it teaches what it sees as the right way without belittling the other team

it doesnt preach pity them or hit them or convert them

nowadays the muslems are crossing that line and teaching hate
even churches are talking about perfecting the jews as if we were monkeys that need a push a helping hand to evolve to become humans
or cristians

the rabbi in madrid the head rabbi is from ny and we are friends altho im an aethiest with MENORAH AND HES A BELIEVER WITH A MENORAH
we get along altho he cant count on me prayer.
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 31.03.2008
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