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Multi faceted issue
  If you have not been reading along these past several days, you are in for an eyeful! I would be interested in your take. As I have always said, this guestbook is open to any and all points of view. And I believe that the only way people advance (and society advances) is by discussing things...even things that are generally not discussed. Actually I should say, especially things that are generally not discussed.

We all tend to stay in our safe, self contained zones. If we hear someone say something we don't like, we tend to change the subject, or avoid that person. But how are people to ever be able to understand each other if they refuse to engage. To me a true friend is one who tells you when he disagrees. Or one who makes you question your assumptions. That is, unless he happens to agree with you.

So, who knows? Maybe in our one little corner of the internet we can make some progress.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 30.03.2008
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