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Good and Bad
  I think there is good and bad in everything. In Christianity there is good in the concept of a man like Jesus who was willing to die so that others would be saved. In that sense he is like a hero. The hero is willing to give up his life for the benefit of others. Heroes often die while fighting. They are often soldiers or generals. But Jesus is a great example of a hero who dies without fighting. He allows himself to be killed. In modern times I think of Martin Luther King as a similar type of hero. He pretty much knew he was going to get killed. He more or less said so in his speeches. But he did not back down and was willing to die to win freedom for the black people, but also for everyone.

Much to my sorrow, unfortunately whoever wrote the New Testament as it has come down to us today, also included some terribly anti-Semitic portrayals of Jews in that book. In that book the "Chosen people of God" become the "killers of God". It is absolutely horrible.

The Jews as a people are a hero nation. Very much like Jesus, the Jews have been willing to suffer and die in order to spread the message that God is a God of justice and mercy, and ultimately a God of love. Jews stood up to all of the dictators who conquered the world. How much easier it would have been for them if they just converted to Christianity or Islam? How much easier if they abandoned their beliefs in a moral God, and joined the Romans in throwing people to lions and turning the defenseless into slaves. But just like Jesus, the Jews allowed themselves to be crucified, spit upon, battered, and thrown in ovens. Even today, the country of the Jews has allowed thousands of rockets to hit it, while rarely shooting back. The Jews are the Jesus of the world. The Jews are the "suffering servant" of Isaiah.

So, yes, it pains me knowing what is read in the churches week after week and called "the gospel", "the good news". On the one hand we have a religion teaching brotherhood and love, while at the same time it spits on the suffering servant of God, the Jews. And what I am trying to do in my own little way is get Christians to see the paradox. I think many do. But many still don't. Why? Because most people do not want to believe that their religion has anything bad in it. But as I said in the beginning, there is good and bad in everything. If I criticize it is out of love and out of hope for a better world.

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 30.03.2008
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