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chip on your shoulder
  wen i lived my lil year of unsuccessful aliya in 82 i remember going to talks with jewish leaders. They talked about how we start anew.israel is for jews as italy is for catholics or spain. and everybody can live in the usa..Some guys girls in my class wanted a clash..they wanted to talk about revenge and how they wanted to move to israel to fight for the j people..but there was no fight, Life was a job in banc leumi 9-5 mon.friday and even sunday .Pay tazes and bitch about traffic jams .
they were upset. they wanted drama and confrontation.
the leaders told us the holocaust is over and jews live where they want. As jews today are not religios and religion is folkloric in israel so to is antisemitism...the nonjews dont care anymore about us or their own religion for that matter.
its a perfect world!!
antisemitism lives on and so do jews but its back burner today..
some jews want to confront nonjews about how they hate us but thats passee
youre a successful musician and im a teacher. we live well in goyisha countries.
we can talk of antisemitism as an academic classand it does really exist in reality and in present day church talk
however we two live pretty freakin well so we are the exceptions??? or are we the rule!!!
i think antisemitism exists and youre right in that its taught today in church but it hasnt afected two jews named steve and aaron ..
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 29.03.2008
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