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Teachable moment
  I am not saying that I feel under attack all day long. The incident with that guy who grabbed me by the throat was a long time ago. Lately I have had very few experiences of outright anti-Semitism, but I still notice it everywhere in our culture. Sure, the average Christian has no hatred against the average Jew and vice versa. But when you start discussing people's religious beliefs in detail...that's where you start to see the problems.

For instance, I don't want to mention names but someone posted on this guestbook:

"I have never said that Jews killed Jesus. They certainly wanted too, but it's also in Matthew that the jews could not crucify Jesus becuase preparations were being made for Passover...had the High priests dispatched Jesus themselves, they would have been unclean and thus unfit to eat the passover supper. So, it was the Jews who pressured Pontius Pilate into giving the order to Have Jesus whipped and then hung on the cross. But in Pilate we see a man who pities Jesus, and takes to heart Jesus' words of the "Kingdom which is not of this world" (AKA Heaven)."

Now, I know he meant no harm. He is just repeating what he has read in the New Testament. But in my humble opinion, what he was taught is anti-Semitic. Here we have a very nice guy who said that he doesn't think the Jews killed Jesus "but they certainly wanted to". Really? Who says?

I find it very hard to believe the "the Jews" as a group ever wanted to do anything. The first thing anyone learns if they hang out with Jews is that Jews are always debating and disagreeing with each other. Steve, you and I are a perfect example of this! So first of all anyone who says "the Jews" did this or that, or thought this or that, is already engaging in a falsehood. Secondly, the Jewish leadership very rarely carried out capital punishment. As I said before the Talmud teaches that a court that carried out even one execution in 70 years was called a "bloody court". So it is highly unlikely that the Jewish leadership called for the execution of Jesus. And Jews NEVER crucified people. That was a Roman invention. This was the method of their enemy, Rome. So it is also highly unlikely that Jews would have wanted ANYONE crucified.

(For example, do Americans behead people? No! Why not? Because that is not our tradition. That is a Muslim tradition. We may hang people, we may electricute them, inject them with poison, shoot them in a firing squad...but we do not behead! The same would have been true for the Jews in Jesus' time. They did not crucify, nor would they call for a crucifiction any more than American would call for a beheading today. It just does not happen.)

Now the one who posted said "CERTAINLY the Jews wanted to (kill Jesus)". But I would say CERTAINLY they did not, and CERTAINLY they did not want anyone to be crucified. To me this is CERTAINLY anti-Semitism that is passed down to a lot of otherwise good people by the Church.

From what we know about Pilate he was like a Saddam Hussein. He was in evil, murdering, dictator with no sympathy at all for a Jew. No more than we would expect from a Hitler. Yet here a perfectly nice Christian boy is taught that NO, Pilate was a good guy! As the poster wrote, "So, it was the Jews who pressured Pontius Pilate into giving the order to Have Jesus whipped and then hung on the cross. But in Pilate we see a man who pities Jesus, and takes to heart Jesus' words of the "Kingdom which is not of this world" (AKA Heaven)." Just replace the word Pilate with Hitler and you will see how sick this is!

Pilate was a murderer. Pilate was a evil sick killer of innocents. NOT THE JEWS!!!!!!

This is anti-Semitic! This is a fabrication that the Romans concocted and added to the New Testament. This is NOT the word of God. This is a lie that has been passed down among Gentiles for 2,000 years. This lie led to the Spanish Inquisition, the Holocaust, and is behind all the anti-Zionist propaganda that circulates all over the world.

Sorry, I don't mean to offend anyone, but don't I have a right to be offended? Or must I as a Jew never talk about this? Must I just get along in the Christian world like "Canarsie", saying I'm an atheist, or something, and never confront the Christian world about the hate speech that they pass on to their children about my ancestors?

So, yes, no one grabbed my throat and threw me down on a table today. No one did it yesterday either. But someone today told a young child that "the Jews" wanted to kill Jesus today. And someone said that Hitler (Pilate) was a better man than the Jews. "Pilate pittied our Lord. He heard his message. But not the Jews! No, they wanted him dead! They screamed, Crucify him!" This is passed down from father to son, mother to daughter, priest to congregation all over the Western world!

Am I wrong? Was this not taught to a young child somewhere in the world this very day? And all I'm saying is after 2,000 years, enough already!! Leave the Jews alone!! Let the Jews live in peace. Teach the children about how wonderful the Jews are. Teach them about "do unto others as you would have others do unto you". Teach them about "they will turn their swords into plowshares". Teach them about, "the lion will lie down with the lamb". THIS is what Jews brought to the world. NOT "crucify him". THAT is Roman propaganda.

And this NEVER stops. Every day this is passed on by the thousands and maybe millions of churches that teach this as "the Gospel". Yes, this is "the good news". Let's all celebrate how the Jews wanted to kill Christ. Let's celebrate how the lovable Roman governor was better than the lowly Jew. He listened to Jesus. But not the Jew. No, the Jews were blind. And they still are bllind. Hurray, let's spread the good word brothers!

Sorry, again. But this is anti-Semitism. As Frank Zappa once sang:

Take the day and walk around. Watch the Nazis run your town. Then go home and check yourself. You think we're singing about someone else."

The Jews did not kill God. They did not want to kill God. They do not want to kill God. The Jews are a good people. They are a people who have suffered for generations because they believe they have a good message for all humanity. They believe that it is worth accepting all of this hatred, and even the violence, rather than give up on the message of LOVE that is at the core of Judaism. Judaism alone of all the religions says that God loves ALL of His children. And there is a place in heaven for EVERYONE, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever. What determines who goes to heaven is not a belief but your actions. Did you give charity today? Did you pass by someone in need on the street? Did you council someone who is going wrong? Did you say "I love you" to your wife or a friend? Did you teach a child right from wrong? Did you show sympathy to one in pain? Did you take a risk for peace? These are the things that get you into heaven. And even though someone once grabbed me by the throat for saying so, I agree with my mother: It doesn't matter what you believe, as long as you are a good person.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 28.03.2008
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