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wadys mean you like me? hey mom...
  i gota tell you i agree with israel 100 percent .its under attk and must fight

even preempt attcks on its people
by attacking first to destroy terror tools

but I think there are jews who really face the empty nest syndrome.. the antisemitism exists but they dont face it and they know others face it but they dont. They lik to talk about them hating us and see movies and rattle sabers but they are bored
they look for an event to give drama to their lives...I live in THIS world you talk about the THEM the THEY and i dont face this antijew feeling..I kno its there im not dunb blind but it aint so dramatic

theres probably more anti classical music feeling than antisemitic feeling in the world
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 28.03.2008
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