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hit me that way i kno u lov me
  first Im blonde with blue eyes
and im jewish
second I recall a jewish guy kicking a protestant in the ass just for being a protestant.
they all want to kill us he said after kicking him Im sure that protestant became antisemitic after that

i think you need to live among nonjews to see that most really couldnt care less if youre a jew or not.
in spain very catholic im known as a jew i have a big menora in my classroom..all students kno im jewish but the want ENGLISH CLASSES...

I kno some jewish guys in the states who have a psychdrama in their heads and want a clash of antijew movement so they can be the next dyan or meyer

its gotten boring for them

theres antisemitism and its taught to kids and theres anti cristian also taught. Each side has its stories from the biblee the news the folklore..wach says arent we right to teall our kids this or that but aaron you gotta see that religion and antisemitism is for you a subject on the net
you dont face it. its always the other jew who faces it in another country another city but Im that jew and im not facing it either

we talk about them hating us but we really dont face this hate..we live ok

it exists but some jews need the psychdrama they like to watch movies about hitler and after walk down the street just waiting for an attack...wanting an attack
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 28.03.2008
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