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  Oh boy, some days off line and - wheeeew ... well, this is how you must have felt when I was writing those long posts.

do jews need antisemitism?
do you need to feel underattack?

I personally know quite a few non-Jews who would instantly answer yes to these 2 Qs. They think Jews have "a chip on their shoulder", because they so often feel attacked. Eh, feel, or are attacked? Or are they just imagining that it's anti-them, but does this or that criticism not have anything to do with them being a Jew? Doesn't it, really?! Aaron, your article The Anti-Semite's Pledge comes to mind. I'd say, often it has (to do with them being a Jew). And, frankly, there's plenty, plenty of reason in past and present to still feel under attack.

Look, I'm a christian, and we're under attack, too. Does that mean that I am personally threatened all the time or made fun of, here, where I live? No. But when it comes down to it, I know our values (which are basically Jewish values, at that) themselves are under attack. Do you know how many christians have been killed just for being christian, back in communist USSR, in communist China, in Indonesia, and in Sudan right now? Steve, I'm sorry, this is coming from me, non-Jew, but don't fall asleep! Enjoy the freedom and acceptance that you say you have right now in Spain, just as I still do mine here in NL (oh yeah, the NL thing), but see the wider picture.

The Christian puts his focus on the "New Testament"
Eh, not the christian. When I went to primary school, in our religious lessons (I was at a protestant school) we read and learned many things from the OT. E.g., we had to know the names of all the prophets and the judges and kings, and in chronological order, plus all the stories; also, each week, we memorised a psalm. We read the whole bible. Also, in our family, at home, we always read a chapter from the Bible after lunch and after dinner. The sermons in church were as often from the OT as from the NT. And when they were about a text in the NT, links were made to the OT. Some of this probably has changed now, but it wasn't at all an exception in those days.

In fact reaing your page my wife thinks jews have brought up to believe nonjews are assholes
Hm. As a non-Jew, I cannot judge whether she's right. However, I do think there are quite some Jews who have a wrong picture of christians, or I should be more specific, who generalise christians and fail to see that there are different types of christians. Also, there are quite a few Jews who are afraid each and every christian they come across will try to convert them. Which is a shame, for 2 reasons:
1, if a christian really thinks he has experienced the most precious thing in his life: accepting that Jesus died for his sins, and he would keep it to himself and not be ready to share it with Jews (who, of all people are God's OWN people), wouldn't that be selfish (apart from if wh,en and how he does share it, I'm just referring to the bare fact)?
2, Jews and Israel as a state nowadays need all support possible, because there are few people left to take up their cause (let's alone name the fight for true reporting in the media, or for accurate history).
  Author: LN_Cello
Eintrag from 27.03.2008
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