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Bring me up, Scotty are a Jew, I am a Jew...and we are pretty different. I don't think it is fair to say "Jews were brought up this way", or to say "Non-Jews were brought up that way". Everybody has a unique situation in their home, their school, their community, etc.

That being said, If you read the New Testament it is full of stories about how the Jews were indeed close-minded. After all, the Christian belief is that God Himself was standing before them in the body of Jesus Christ, and yet they could not open their minds enough to accept him. The whole portrayal of the Jews in Christianity is that the Jews became corrupt (i.e. "the money changers"), unconcerned with others (i.e. "the Good Samaritan"), blind (i.e. not receiving Jesus' message), violent (i.e. yelling "Crucify him"), and generally ignorant and disgusting (i.e. spitting on Jesus, hitting him, etc.). Am I wrong? Is this not the way the Jews (i.e. "the Pharises) are portrayed in Matthew and elsewhere in the New Testament? And who is the big villain in that book? JUDAS! which basically means JEW! (After all the country that Jesus lived in was called JUDAH.)

So when I said that "it is taught by the other religions, and the atheists, that Jews are close-minded", was that not a fair statement of the facts?

Jews don't think all Christians are "assholes". Look at the guys who sign in here. They are very nice people. But look...Jews were not crazy about the Roman massacres, the Spanish Inquisition, the English and French riots and expulsions, the Russian Pogroms, the Holocaust, and even the calls today for divestment in Israel and all the anti-Zionist propaganda that we hear coming from many Christian groups (not to mention Muslims who are killing Jews to this day).

But aside from all that, we have no problem with them.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 27.03.2008
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