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Made ya look! Made ya Look!
  Well, at least I got you to spend a few minutes studying the Torah!

There are many explanations for why the Torah begins with Bereshis (or Bereshit in Sephardic Hebrew). I'll comment more about this later. But for now I just want to point out how even with the first word of the Torah, you are already thinking and questioning. Now you are wondering..."What does this word REALLY mean?", "Have I been reading a mistranslation all these years?" You see, it MAKES you think!

This is my biggest problem with both the Atheist and the Christian and the Muslim. They have all moved away from really studying the Torah! The atheist ignores the Torah. The Christian puts his focus on the "New Testament" and the Muslim on the "Koran". Yet the Torah and the rest of the Jewish Bible are amazing tools for getting one to open his mind.

The most fascinating thing I found when I studied Orthodox Judaism was that it was a path to having an open mind, yet it is taught by the other religions, and the atheists, that Jews are close-minded. It is an incredible turn of events.

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 27.03.2008
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