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begin began begun only a saying
  the other day a guy asked me where did it all begin? everything has a beginning and so must the universe. I countered that nothing has a begining. he said he came from his mom and she from hers so the universe originally came from a point. I countered that his gramma came from hers and so on but it goes back FOREVER
people feel the need to see a point from which ALL CAME and this point couldnt be self conceived thus thus GOD a self conceived guy.
I believe theres no beginning to anything but that scares folks.
If you accept no beginning to anything that all has always been that always is a long time then theres no need for a self conceived guy to explain the unexplainable point that cane from nowhere.
all rests on 1 assumption. a beginning...
without this ..theres no need for god . the universe is and we are and we are narrowminded to think of beginnings..
and no beginin means no ending..
a book that goes back but theres no page one..unthinkable cause books do have page 1 but thats a part of an even bigger book..

the book starts with a falsehood

  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 26.03.2008
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