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Please don't shoot the cello player!
  Wasn't there a movie years ago called, "Please Don't Shoot the Piano Player?" I hope people are not offended when I question their faith. I don't mean to hurt anyone. I have taken it upon myself to be a questioner of all things. The very fact that I came up with the idea of Von Cello came out of questioning why the cello had to be a "classical instrument", why it had to be played with a bow, why it couldn't be electrified and rock out like a guitar.

This is how I think. My mother always said, "You don't have to be the best at anything. Just find what you like and be the best that you can be." When I decided I wanted to be a musician I said, "How can I be the best that I can be?" I realized that I had the abilty to play more than one kind of music. I realized that I had the ability to blaze a new path. I felt that by doing that I would be doing the best that I could do...not the best that someone else could do, but what "I" could do. So I broke all the rules and did "my" best.

Now I apply that same logic to everything. Do I have to believe what some older man who is called a rabbi or a priest says? Do I have to believe what a man called Senator or President says?

As I wrote in my song, "You Say So"...

"You tell me your truth but I don't know. Should I buy it just 'cause you say so. You sound positive but I don't know. I'm the type who likes to take it slow."

Think for yourself. That I suppose is a three word summary of Von Cello.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 26.03.2008
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