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Shul is the Rule
  Shul means synagogue in Yiddish. A lot of Jews say shul rather than synagogue because synagogue is a Greek word. Why use a word from a rival culture to describe your place of worship? It would be like a Christian calling a church a mosque, or whatever the Arabic word is for church.

I guess Canarsie is making the point that whoever wrote the Bible could have been a man, perhaps a great philosopher. This is possible, but I find that there are too many prophetic statements that have come true, for it to have been written by an ordinary man. But it takes a lot of time to become familiar with all of the prophecies. But again...this is not the point I am looking at. Let's even say that it was written by a very smart man, still it does give us a lot of insight into the attitudes that we see around the world that are anti-Jewish. Even just as an explanation of that it is still a valuable book.

I know a lot of Christians just have "faith" that Jesus is the Lord and that the New Testament is the "word of God". For many Jews this is an unbelievable situation. Jews wonder how people can possibly believe such things based solely on faith. I guess for a Christian to understand this, imagine if you met a group of people who actually believed the Greek myths. Imagine if today in 2008 there were churches all over the world where people prayed to Zeus. A Christian would probably be amazed that people could believe in that. And that is how many Jews feel about Christians, as well as Muslims.

Then again, many atheists or non religious Jews wonder the same even about religious Jews. They think Judaism, like Christianity, is essentially a myth. I think this is where Canarsie is coming from. I take the position that Judaism does have proof...not proof beyond a shadow of a doubt, but enough evidence to come to belief through logic and reason. That is why my book is called, "Beyond Faith". It argues that humanity must move beyond faith and use reason in all things, including religion. I even argue that atheists rely a lot on faith too for their "beliefs". The agnostic, the one who says, "I don't know" is the one with whom I have no argument. To him I say, "Fine. Now go learn!"

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 26.03.2008
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