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No News is Bad News
  I was just watching a news show about Iraq...well...actually about how Iraq is not in the news anymore. The reporter was saying that one of the jobs of the soldiers now is to go around and pay death benefits to former enemies who are getting killed manning check points for the US. The soldiers are getting frustrated and confused. One minute someone is your enemy, the next minute your ally.

In a way, it serves them right. Isn't it great to go to battle and kill people feeling totally justified that you are the good guy and they are the bad guy? But how does it feel when your government now sends you in to make nice to those who were your enemy just a few months ago? Maybe they never were your enemy. Maybe they still are, but your government is playing politics. Maybe, just maybe, the whole war is just a way for very rich people to get richer and you, the soldier, are realizing that you have been a pawn in a game you don't understand.

Your job was to kill people...but you thought you were doing it for a good cause. But what is the cause now? Now you are all confused, and yet tomorrow you may be instructed to kill some more people. Maybe the truly brave people are the ones who don't kill other people. Maybe the truly brave ones are the ones who are not afraid to live their lives without following orders.

I say that no news is bad news because the fact that we don't even hear about the war any more means that those who are profiteering off of it are basically free to delay and delay and keep the money flowing for as long as they can get away with it. And what better way than to kill people one day, pay them off the next, and the kill them the third day. It doesn't matter either long as the war never ends!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 25.03.2008
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