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jesus show
  i think a show about his life would be great. a kid with no dad whose mom gets pregnant mysteriously.
hed grow up with her and have friends and goof around like all kids. Viewers would expect filosofical ideas from his mouth but be surprised that he was a a teen a real scandal.
maybe hed look at asses tits try smoking.lie curse .Hed go to shul as he was a heb
then 1 day hed start thinking about life existance and get jesuslike
hed lose friends cause hed get wierd. Girls would admire him
his pals might think he went religious like barry letterman did
finally hed have a following like a seinfeld.
then the guards would come from the rulers ,and take him.
the show would show no miracles or genius thinking..just a kid a tenn a youngman a realguy who sees a new bill gates he sees a window a better way and talks it up. the google boys or the romans go after him and the jew would be there too..maybe jesuss cousin or kid friend from childhood.

that 0 show
what a concept
what a soapopera

next up.
moses hangin at the wall!!
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 25.03.2008
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