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God must be pissed! Good thing he's up in the clouds there....
  In responce to "God Hates the World":

Well, can you blame the guy? (man/woman/thing/being/deity/entity...whatever God is)?

What with the recession, rising mortage rates, war continuing to rage with American casualties increasing in Iraq and, and the melding of religion and politics on the presidential campaign trail, God must hate America especially, if not the rest of the World. I know I personally dislike my own nation right now...I won't go far as saying i hate it, but I truely dislike it. My mom has admitted to me and our friends that she has never felt like saying bad things about a President untill Bush came to power and I happen to agree with her. Of course I don't have the presidential frame of refference she has. I was born in Reagan's last years, was too young to follow and or comprehend Bush the First's efforts, and grew up through the Clinton years - I liked Pres. Clinton alot, I felt he had a real sense of what was good for America and of course he gave America a good repour with the rest of the world. The economy in the Clinton Administration was good, but of course i was not old enough to understand what a good economy entailed. But now, I fear Bush II will go down in the history books as America's most controversial, if not worst, president. Perhaps he'll be labeled as our "most monarchical", or "most God-fearing" president. I don't think god hates Bush, nor the World or America, but jeez, there's a heck of alot to dislike about the world right now. In these hectic times, I take solace in religion (got a big, heaping help of it this weekend), food, music, theater, writing the occasional poem, family, friends, my job, a new bible study group I've joined, and taking time out for a good nap. Hmmmm...speaking of sleeping....

Oh, before I go to bed...On Tuesday I've got a training at a new radio station that was established in Downtown Burlington last September. It's called "The Radiator 105.9-FM WOMM". I submitted an application for a show, as a continuation of the Format I broadcast on WWPV 88.7-FM. Wish me luck, won't you? You can find out more about the station at their website below:

Hope you have a good radiator to keep you warm over there in Holland, LN. It's nice to be good an' warm while you sleep.

  Author: eaburke81 Email eaburke81
Eintrag from 23.03.2008
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