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Visual Snow
  When you think about it we have quite a cast of characters. By Edward there is still snow on the ground. Out is Spain by Steve it is virtually summer. Out in SF by Neal it is probably spring. I don't know what the weather is in the Netherlands. Over here in New York we are just coming out of winter. I took a nice hike today. It was just a bit nippy, but there is no snow on the ground, yet the leaves are not out yet. It is a great time for hiking as you still get great views between the branches of the trees, and you don't yet have the bugs.

Holiday times are always times of friction because various religions exist in competition with each other. Sometimes I wonder what an Egyptian must feel like when he hears the Passover story and how Egypt was so rebellious against God, and how it was so humiliated by Him. And what about Pagans? They must really hate all the talk about "heathens" and "infidels". Hopefully one day the whole world will be able to evaluate the various religions with objectivity and knowledge. Then, maybe we can finally settle these multi-generational arguments.

That is the underlying purpose of my book, "Beyond Faith". The idea being that humanity must move beyond" believing" things, and start applying reason to everything. Will that make the world a perfect place? Probably not. But I think it would make it a better place. The reason being that no religion has a faith that is not harmful to people of other religions. Jews probably hurt Christians when they say that Jesus was just a man. Christians hurt Jews when they spread stories that demonize the great Jewish sages (Pharises). Muslims hurt Jews and Christians when they talk about Jihad and killing all the Infidels. Buddhists...maybe they are cool in that they just meditate, but I know Buddhists who have tried to pull me away from Judaism and Jewish beliefs about God. So it seems that all of these religions fight with each other.

This leads some people to want to abandon the whole thing. I think Steve is in this camp. He is Jewish, married a Christian, but he's an atheist. He's also funny looking! Ha!! Just kidding!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 23.03.2008
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