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Good Night
  Well, this is the guestbook at its finest. An cordial exchange of controversial ideas. Contrast this with that nut who was insulting me on my Youtube page. But I enjoyed him in a way. He was so over the top that it was funny.

As for Matthew...well...obviously many Jews are not too happy about his depictions of our ancestors. Indeed, from the historical evidence of the time it appears that Pilate was a ruthless dictator and it is extremely unlikely that he would give a damn about a Jew, especially one like Jesus who was a threat to Roman rule. On the other hand, the Pharises were an extremely enlightened group of people. Anyone who studies the Talmud, which is a compilation of their words, will see that the New Testament portrayal is completely false. In fact, in the Talmud it is said that a Sannhedrin (Israeli Supreme Court) that executed even one man every 70 years was considered a "bloody court". So the very idea that the Pharises were out in the street calling for Jesus' blood strikes many Jews as the height of anti-Semitism. (Of course, some rabbis argue that Jesus did deserve the death penalty according to Torah law because he said he was God, which would be blasphemy of the highest order.)

This is perhaps the place where the two religions most collide with each other. A literalist Christian would say that the New Testament is the "Word of God" and therefore its portrayal of the Jews must be true. A historian would point out that the Romans, when they made Christianity the state religion, destroyed many alternative gospels, and probably rewrote the New Testament to fit their political agenda (Council of Nicea). There have been alternative gospels that have surfaced recently including the Gnostic Gospels. In one there is the same story as Matthew's but in this case Pilate is calling for Jesus' blood, and the Pharises say, "His blood will be on your hands"! This to me seems much more accurate historically, and also from what I know about the Pharises.

These days, many Christians are moving beyond the traditional interpretations. There are many who still believe in Jesus, but also concede that the New Testament probably contains political bias and even anti-Semitism. They would argue that one's faith can be stronger than any book can contain.

Well Good Friday is over... and it looks like everyone else is asleep. So now it is time to say Good Night.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 22.03.2008
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