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Looks like I almost missed something
  Alright, here's a post replying to both Von Cello and LN Cello"

LN Cello: "Just back home from accompanying (with cello bass organ & harpsichord) a choir in a (not "the") Matthew Passion - talking about food for thought! It's way too late here now, but you know, there's some lines in the text, that always makes me wonder: how was this exactly translated? And why did this idea come up that "the" Jews (as in, generalisation) killed Jesus? It doesn't say so - is the text interpretated wrong, or is this prejudice from the reader? Or also plain antisemitism"?

I would venture to guess it is just predjudice that's been passed down through the ages, but I have never said that Jews killed Jesus. They certainly wanted too, but it's also in Matthew that the jews could not crucify Jesus becuase preparations were being made for Passover...had the High priests dispatched Jesus themselves, they would have been unclean and thus unfit to eat the passover supper. So, it was the Jews who pressured Pontius Pilate into giving the order to Have Jesus whipped and then hung on the cross. But in Pilate we see a man who pities Jesus, and takes to heart Jesus' words of the "Kingdom which is not of this world" (AKA Heaven). Pilate is both helpful and hurtful to Jesus. Helpful in the sense that Pilate wishes to set Jesus free from his chains, but hurtful becuase he almost prevents Jesus from "drinking of his Father's cup" (making the ultimate sacrifice on the cross) as it says in Matthew.

Von Cello:

Good Friday

"It is the Christian holiday today of Good Friday, so let's talk a bit about Jesus. You know, it is common these days in America to ask, "What would Jesus do?" But I would like to ask, "What would Jesus eat?"

If he had the choice of a perogi or a knish what do you think he would do?


(Hope no one is offended by levity on this solemn day. But hey, Christians joke around on Yom Kippur! It's all in good fun.)"

What? When have I ever made fun of Jewish people on Jewish Holy days? Kidding....I'm sure you were not reffering to me). Catholics actually joke quite a bit during Holy days.

Anyway, WWJE (what would Jesus eat)? hmmm....well, I definately think he would shop at an organic food market and would not indulge in fast food. I don't think he'd eat fish either...he did live near the Sea of Galilee but I don't see Jesus as a fish eater...more like lamb or venison or buffalo....any kind of game. Game is good

(Hey if you think the above was wierd it's cause it is...I'm tired, alright? You flatlanders can't expect anything coherent from me 24/7 you know!
Alright...pleasent dreams....I'll have cellos and bagpipes chanting in my head.
  Author: eaburke81
Eintrag from 21.03.2008
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