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A smorgasboard of good points
  Aaron wrote a bunch of great stuff in his last post:

"After all, what better thing is there to discuss than Israel while having a good mushroom and onion knish with mustard"!

Well, there is talking about all things Irish while noshing on bangers and mash, or a nice, frosty mug of beer....but I don't normally have dinner in the same vicinity as my lap top. What I like about the question posed above is that food can identify us nationally and culturally...yes, food does nourish us but it does, or can, do much more then that.

"I would imagine, for instance, that in Vermont, which is a bastion of "liberal" thinking, that NPR is considered an authority on "All Things" (as in their show, "All Things Considered"). I would bet that Vermonters do not get to hear a pro-Zionist point of view very often. So, some of what has been said here may seem surprising or even disturbing. But that is what communication is all about. It says in the Talmud, "One who does not ask questions does not learn". How true is that? (You see, there I go asking a question!)"

You are correct, Aaron - we don't get a lot of pro-zionist perspective here in Vermont...not that I would say most people aren't open to it, nor are we against it (at least I'm not), but there are some people living in the state who have lived here their whole lives; their hometowns, and the morals, codes, ethics and world-views that come with them are there only frame of refference. They are ignorant, but that does not make them evil, most of them do not have access to travel and experience the rest of the world. I must admit, though, I don't listen to "All Things Considered" all much....I'm more of a "Prarie home Companion" or "Car Talk" guy...not that I don't appreciate current events, it's just that the news is all the same these days...there's nothing new TV, radio, newspapers can tell me.

But anyway, back to Zionist dogma - i must admit I was taken aback a little in the early days of my posting in the was language i had never heard used before on the internet, not to mention in real life. But It's clear you love Israel, your spiritual homeland and that's good. Bob Marley sang about Ethiopia, Rastafarianism's sacred homeland many times while he was still with us. It think it's important to feel connected spiritually to a place that may not be one's physical home, but the collective home of a whole group or race...hey, whatever one can do to try to bring about some unity in this world.
From a Catholic perspective, i don't think we place as much emphasis on Bethlehem as Jews do to Israel or Rastafarians do to Ethiopia. Heaven is a common word in Western pop songs, but it's usually just used as a metaphor for the location some boyfriend's girlfriend fell down from. I belive heaven isn't "up", it's a state that has no location, though God is there. Those who believe in it exist in Heaven once they die to accompany God for eternity. But Heaven is God and God is all around us...i guess God BECOMES Heaven for us when we die. Whew! That's all i got for that section.


"Why does a Jew always answer a question with a question"?

If you think this is a strictly Jewish trait, jeez - just look at Christian mother could go into more depth on Christian philosophers because she's going for her Masters in Theology...needless to say she's the reader in the family.

All right, I think I've covered everything...I'm now going to zone out on bagpipes before bed. 'Night!

I don't think she'd find the guestbook
  Author: eaburke81
Eintrag from 21.03.2008
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