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Food for Thought
  Indian food is one of the world's finest cuisines. The middle east also has some great dishes. Now, how's this for a segue...

I just received this CAMERA email alert today:

National Public Radio continues its lopsided coverage, presenting minimal reporting of Israel's chief concerns, amplifying Palestinian grievances and omitting essential information.

In Brief

NPR coverage of the March 6 terrorist attack on the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva and reporting the following week are a reminder the tax-supported, listener-funded network continues to merit its nickname "National Palestine Radio" in tilting toward pro-Palestinian perspectives. Israeli murder victims are nameless and faceless, while a segment on March 14 is devoted entirely to the personal grievances of Palestinian Zadune Saida, inconvenienced by checkpoints. Israel is given two sentences to respond to a litany of distorted accusations.

Omitted throughout the same period is any reference by NPR to the daily anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric by Palestinian factions and others in the Arab world and by Al Jazeera television.

A detailed analysis, as well as biographies of the 8 young yeshiva students killed by an Arab terrorist, are below.

I forget the exact facts but I remember reading that some of the higher ups at NPR are Arab Americans and this probably accounts for their bias. Nevertheless, this is a public radio station for all Americans, and this bias is intolerable. I have stopped contributing to NPR and would encourage everyone else to do the same. Yes, they do have some very good programs, but just as I wouldn't support a station that was anti black or anti Arab, I won't support one that is anti Israel. They also have had reports that I found were anti Orthodox Jewish.

I wish I had some food I could throw at them right now! about a knish? No, better yet, a stuffed derma dripping with brown sauce!

Whoops, there I go again with violent imagery.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 20.03.2008
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