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Would you like fries with that?
  Have you ever packed yourself a lunch for work but found it not to be enough to satisfy or satiate you untill dinner? (whenever that may be for you)
I have, and that happened today. But luckily - I just got finished eating some left-over fruit I happened to find in our conference room - a basket of three, ripe, round pears. (I only took one). Let me tell you - I've had pears before, but this one was perhaps THE BEST pear, or peice of fruit in general, I have ever had. The taste was superb, the texture was just right, the color was a vibrant, lime taste dlike a cross between a mango and an apple whch had been dusted with cinnamon. Of ocurse I was extremely hungary at the time, but eating this pear was an incredibly enjoyable experience for me....I'm definately going to eat more pears from now on.

But I wonder just how much we take the time to NOTICE our food in general? We're always so busy fromday to day but do we have time to notice the texture of the bread encasing our sandwhich? the nuttiness of the sauce on our sesame noodles we might purchase from our local co-op? The diverstiy of flavors which flow into your mouth just from one roll of sushi? The numrous colors of veggies in a stir fry? The way cream cheese spreads off of our knife onto a toasted cinnamon-raisin bagel? Or how the flesh from a nicely, baked portion of fish or a crab cake flakes onto your fork?
(hmmm...might there be things to appreciate in Fast Food dishes as well, despite the obvious heatlh risks? I used to be a fan of McDonald's Filet-o-fish sandwhich, until I worked at the restuarant and learned it's the most caloric sandwhich on the menu...but I loved the combination of the soft bun, the crispy fish patty, the nutty, orange-coloured American cheese, and the tangy tarter was the perfect way to eat fast food and still keep my Fridays in lent meat-free....but I digress. Fast food is part of my past. This food left me...and fast)!

Whoa - that had to be the longest sentence in parenthesis ever.
But for now - eat your pears and take time to say "thank you" for your's a gift from God (made from the hands of your nieghbors) as well as something which satisfies....That's a good combo there' And as we all learned from eating out: combo meals are good.
  Author: eaburke81 Email eaburke81
Eintrag from 20.03.2008
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