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Day tripper, day tripper yeah.....
  The life of Richard Brautigan sounds like it was quite he was one of those Jack Kerouac or Hunter S. Thompson road warrior American literary figures....i like that kind of adventurer personality...perhaps i long for that since I lack a little bit of independence in the Winter months and can only ride the bus. During spring, fall and summer i can ride my bike, but I'm still a beginning rider; haven't taken it very far. It's one of those Worksman adult trikes with the metal basket int he back, I've done some shopping with it a few times since recieving it as a birthday gift.
I'll keep to my oriingal topic now that I've talked about bikes so as not to look ADHD.

So I admire traveling poets and minstrels, touring musicians and theater troupes...they may not make much money, but they're getting themselves out there to practice their craft for people, try new foods, (new drinks which sometimes happens), make new friends...this all leads to memories and those lead to an increase and experience and a decrease in ignorance. I like people like much so I want to be one myself.

But for right now I'm pretty much stationary here n good ol' Chittenden County, VT. I do theater around the area, as well as volunteer for different festivals such as the recent Irish Festival.

ajnd yes, LN Cello, i played in a ceili. That does sound alot like cello, doesn't it? it's pronounced "kay-lee", and it's the Irish Gaelic word for a Celtic musical gathering or jam session. In Scots Gaelic, it is spelled "ceilidh" but means the same thing. (In both Ireland and Scotland, the word "seisun" meaning "session" is sometimes used).
Coincidently, someone did bring a cello to the Irish fiddling workshop I sat in on; it was a little girl and she was cute. From what I heard, she played pretty well and kept up with the higher-pitched fiddles in the room. But it would be awesome to get a bunch of cellists together and hear them play jigs like "Drowsie Maggie", or "The Irish Washerwoman" all in unison. The only low-end instruments you hear in traditional ceilis are the bodhran or guitar, so a cello would be a nice touch... or at least after a few shots of whiskey it would be, who knows?

I admire
  Author: eaburke81
Eintrag from 18.03.2008
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