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Edward Burke, far-flung Vermont Travel Writer Extraordinaire
  Von Cello wrote, reffering to eaburke81's writing style:

"You'd be great at creating tales about the North East Kingdom and other assorted spots in Vermont that most people don't know".

Wow! Thank you Aaron for complimenting me about my writing....and it was for just something as simple as an internet guestbook post....whoudda thought a "blogger" could be recognized for having a distinct "voice"?
I could write a book on Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, but I'd have to learn to drive first.....I mean, Vermont isn't like NYC where you can take a bus or taxi everywhere, man. Most of Vermont is "the sticks", made up of "hamlets" or "townships", or my favorite word for small towns, "podunks". I think the only place I've scene of the North East is Glover, Vermont, the home of the politically-active, colorful and flamboyant Bread and Puppet Theater Company. I actually to visit there two times last summer when I was up there performing with my own theater company. My director used to be a Bread and Puppet performer herself. We got to watch B and P's Circus, and later marched with them in their parade through a large field and into a forest, and then our troupe performed our show later in the afternoon...this was back in August. Both times we visited, we were treated to a home-cooked, vegetarian meal, accompanied by rustic bread, and the garlic-liest aioli spread I had ever tasted. (This is where they get the name "Bread and Puppet").
To all those planning a Vermont vacation (and those who don't mind a bit of the liberal counter-culture; not too mention NO OUTDOOR PLUMBING), I definately reccomend a stop in Glover to see Bread and Puppet (which is basically the only attraction in town).

On a different topic - Rumplstitskin is not Irish....that's a Brother's Grimm fairy tale.....though I can picture Rumplstitskin drinking as much as an Irishman.
  Author: eaburke81
Eintrag from 17.03.2008
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