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Isn't it a bit late for St. Pat's?
  (Not that I don't perpetuate Irish/Celtic culture year-round on my show, that is, but you get the idea).

First off...when did I say leprechauns didn't dance? Ihe Irish people (and Irish, fairy-like beings) love music and dancing (Not to mention fine spirits, i.e ghosts, and the bottled variety).
And those Saint Patrick's day e-cards only go to perpetuate the cheap, American vision of the stereotypical leprechaun -a stout, red-haired and bearded fellow wearing all green, and standing by a rainbow next to a wee, pot o'gold drunk on green beer. I can assure you from research that the Irishman's image of leprechauns is much different...more on this later when I have the book in front of me.

And if you want to find a cool, gaelic title for your Celtic cello peice, (or just get your daily dose of all things Irish) this website may come in handy:
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Eintrag from 23.07.2007
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