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Jokes, killer muslim bees and free CD's
  First of all, two classic lines:

"I used to be I'm not sure".

"I'm not lying, I'm writing fiction with my mouth". - Homer Simpson

Killer, Muslim bees (in response to the Hamas children's show link): Good god, I'm glad we don't have that species of bee in Vermont. I bet these particular bee produce milk AND honey! (And have 72 fine looking fruit flies waiting for them at the pearly combs). I'm pretty sure that the bees who hovered around me were messengers from the Christian God.

Free CD's: aren't these great? I once found a free CD in the most unlikely of places: a rental car dealership. The CD was a recording of a French-language Celtic-folk/pop/Riverdance-like group from Quebec, and was sitting on a table with a free sign in back of it in the lobby. I also acquired plenty of free CD's back when I ran things for the St. Michael's College Coffee House series, but I donated most all of them to WWPV 88.7-FM, who in my opinion, was in definite need of music from groups and artists the students actually knew. (These days I'm doing what I can to make sure they know about Von Cello).
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Eintrag from 21.07.2007
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