• Introduction to Castle Dream Productions
  • The Castle Dream concept:

    1. Introduction to Castle Dream Productions

      With offices in Bedford Corners, in the town of New Castle, Castle Dream Productions is conveniently situated in central Westchester County. Our mission is to provide music of the highest caliber to individuals and corporations throughout the tri state region and beyond.

      Our musicians have years of experience performing at high profile events. They have graduated from the finest music conservatories, and have played in such ensembles as the New York Philharmonic, the Hudson Valley Philharmonic, and on Broadway. Our pop musicians have performed with major artists such as Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, and David Bowie.

      The founder of Castle Dream, cellist Aaron Minsky, has over twenty years of experience in the "club date" field, and has personally provided music for the weddings of Donald Trump, Mariah Carey, Billy Joel, and the daughters of New Jerseys' Senator Lautenberg. He has performed at events attended by presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush (senior). He has performed in the homes and offices of top CEO's, from Pfizer, Merk, GAF, ING, AT&T and other corporations. Aaron has worked in venues from Carnegie Hall, to the Waldorf Astoria, to wineries on the north fork of Long Island, to country clubs in Westchester, Fairfield, Rockland, Bergen, Monmouth, Dutchess, and other counties.

      When you book musical services through Castle Dream you will be dealing directly with the founders. We will hand tailor music to fit your needs. You will also find the highest level of professionalism in our musicians. We know how to act, look, and perform, to help your event run smoothly.

      We specialize in ensembles featuring strings, often in combination with other instruments, and provide excellent jazz groups and wedding bands. We also provide other types of entertainers. Speak to us about our connections to make up artists, and personal shoppers from top New York City department stores.

      Let Castle Dream make your dream a reality!

    2. The Castle Dream concept:

      When you are planing an event, you have to decide if you want to hire musicians who play parties because they can't get a better gig, or musical professionals who have made it their life's work to provide quality music for individuals and organizations...because it is true that there are musicians who have a deep pride in being able to perform at the highest levels in non-concert settings. Castle Dream is run by just such a musician, and our musicians are all of a similar mentality. They represent the best that New York has to offer, not just in ability, but in knowing how to play at a party, a wedding, a corporate dinner, or a political event.

      Contrary to popular belief, playing parties is an art. It is not just how you play, but how you look, and most importantly, how you act. We believe that musicians should be treated with respect but they also must earn respect. This means mastering the subtleties of interacting with all kinds of people. It's about the small things, like wearing appropriate clothing, walking gingerly through the crowd, keeping the performing area neat and clean, knowing when to nod, or smile, or walk away. It's about sensing when to play, when to stop, and what to play. It's about smoothing out stressful situations, and demonstrating grace under pressure. Ultimately, it's about experience and professionalism.

      The one who throws a party wants to feel like the owner of a castle, inviting his or her guests into a special place, and the production should flow effortlessly like a dream. This is the goal of Castle Dream Productions, and this is the meaning behind our name.

      Let Castle Dream make your dream a reality!

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