"This is an important book which should see the light of day. It will make a needed
and significant contribution to Jewish publishing."

- Rabbi Pinchas Stolper, Orthodox Union, New York City

"I feel that this work will be of great value to the thinking Jew. Aaron Minsky speaks
sharply and clearly, and the Jewish community will certainly benefit with
the publication of his book."

- Rabbi Yitzhak Rosenbaum, National Jewish Outreach Program, New York City

"There is little doubt in my mind that this encyclopedic work will be an indispensable resource for Jewish outreach work."

- Rabbi Tovia Singer, Outreach Judaism, Monsey, New York; Israel National Radio, Jerusalem, Israel

"I found the book informative and inspiring. The author has succeeded in gathering a wealth of information on a wide spectrum of fundamental topics in Judaism, as well as adding his own insightful perspective. It deserves to be in the library of anyone who is serious about understanding Judaism."

- Rabbi Isser Z. Weisberg, Machon Bnos Menachem Seminary, Toronto, Canada

"I was impressed with the wide range of topics that were presented and the level of detail in which they were discussed. The book deals with many issues that confront the modern Jew in an open and intellectually honest way."

- Rabbi Yacov Borenstein, Chabad-Lubavitch of the Mid-Hudson Valley, Pougkeepsie, New York

"I have known Aaron Minsky for over ten years now … He has studied extensively with me as well as with other rabbis, and is quite well versed in many areas of Torah scholastic knowledge … I am sure that this book will prove to be a valuable resource and a source of inspiration to all Jews seeking to strengthen their connection to Yiddishkeit."

- Rabbi Shlomo Kugel, Chabad Lubavitch of the West Side, New York City

"It would be of great help to those who are struggling with their Jewish identity in the modern world. This book would also be beneficial to non-Jews who wish to know what Judaism thinks of them and their role in creation … I feel this book fills a very needed void."

- Rabbi Yisroel Fried, Chabad Lubavitch of the West Side, New York City

"Faith is a precious commodity, yet how many of us in this modern world give it the thought and attention it deserves? Aaron Minsky is to be commended for bringing this vital yet elusive topic to light in his book 'Beyond Faith'. The reader will be stimulated to ponder the most meaningful issues of his life: Why am I here? How did I get here? What is my relationship with G-d? How do my beliefs fit into society? Any thinking person must tackle these issues."

- Rabbi Baruch Lederman, Kehillas Torah, San Diego, California