About the Author

Aaron Minsky is not the typical author one would expect for a book such as
this. He is a composing cellist whose works are published by Oxford
University Press. He is also known as rock cello innovator Von Cello, a
Yamaha Artist who has released CDs, performed around the world, and
been featured on major radio and television broadcasts. His unique musical
path has earned him inclusion in Who’s Who in America, and the International
Who’s Who. How then is he qualified to write a book on religion? Along with
music, Minsky’s passion has been the study of religion, especially Judaism. He approaches both subjects with the same intellectual curiosity, humor, and zeal.


Though raised in the Reform movement, on a trip to Israel Aaron discovered that there was a much stronger rationale behind traditional Judaism than he had known. Upon returning home, he became a regular attendee of the Orthodox synagogue service and spent years researching various aspects of Judaism. What he learned gave him new insights into current events and international politics. Realizing how important it was to share this knowledge, Aaron decided to write this comprehensive book as a resource for all Jews (and anyone else) interested in digging to the roots of traditional Judaism, discovering how it compares with other religions and disciplines, and understanding how it applies to the world today. Minsky believes this information can save a life. And as the Jewish sages said, "Whoever saves a life, it is as if he saved a whole world." (Mishna: Sanhedrin 4:5)

Though not a rabbi himself, Aaron Minsky has received letters of praise from several leading rabbis of major Jewish organizations including: Orthodox Union, Chabad Lubavitch, National Jewish Outreach Program, and Israel National Radio. Rabbi Shlomo Kugel of Chabad Lubavitch of the West Side (New York City) said, "I have known Aaron Minsky for over ten years … He has studied extensively with me as well as with other rabbis, and is quite well versed in many areas of Torah scholastic knowledge."